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Jane Hurshman Memorial Fund - Jane's Fund

Jane Hurshman was an ordinary women with a kind heart who loved her children, enjoyed caring for others and aspired to one day fulfill her hopes and dreams. She also experienced the injustices of abuse and it was her lived experience with an abusive partner that caused legal precedent to be set for Battered Wife Syndrome.  She took her experiences and courageously shared them to educate everyone about the injustice of abuse but more importantly she was a light of hope for those who aspired to end domestic violence. She worked tirelessly towards a positive and healing place for herself and others. She loved to learn and was always encouraged by the positive change she saw around her. It was this approach to life that made her extraordinary.

After Jane's death in 1992, a group of women who were her friends, colleagues and supporters formed The Jane Hurshman Memorial Fund. Jane's Fund believes in Jane's vision of a healthier, safer non-violent society. We want to continue her work toward a society in which women have alternatives to remaining in abusive relationships and are supported in speaking out about their experiences.

We want to empower women by working to create a safe, healthy, supportive environment that includes facilitating the emotional, psychological and economic well-being of all women.